By Jeppe Bergmann Hamming and Maria Bergmann Hamming

Victor steps thru the door to the small cafe that he knows so well. He says hallo to Albert, as always. While lost in his thoughts he move towards his usual spot. Step by step his legs move him forward, like they have a will of their own. Then his eyes meets hers. It knocks the air out of him for a second as thoughts fly thru his head and emotions boil in his blood. All his dreams and plans fills him with that unresolved longing that he can’t control. But his body just follows the usual routine. Step by step as if it was choreographed it brings him to the loneliness he is trapped in. But it will be different tomorrow.

Sarabande is a larp with body feelings and music in the center. You will take part in living out a dozen peoples emotional life and personal dramas with your body more than your head. Thru music and movement the roles, relations and conflict are created, and thru music and movement the roles inner life is brought forth.

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