It’s our pleasure, after a short break to present the next scenario, and it’s a winner literally. It’s the winner of the scenario writing competition at Fastaval 2014.

By: Nickie Kühnel and Rasmus Alexander Krzesinski

The sheltered residence Solvang is home for a group of mentally handicapped people who have never known any other world than the buildings they live in and the wood around the residence. They know of the world outside, but the big world is only something you see on the television. The decision to not let the residents get out has resulted in the formation of a unique culture among the residence at Solvang, a culture that dictates their everyday, their ambitions their dreams.

Solvang is a scenario with focus on the characters and their inner world. The border between right and wrong is erased behind Solvangs walls where rules for what you can and can’t do is governed by a group people with very different mental handicaps and the misunderstandings that arises when this group tries to imitate the outside world.

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